Flex Investor DSCR

Experienced Investor

A borrower who has owned 2 or more properties for 12 months during the most recent 36-month period. One property must be an income producing property (commercial or residential).


  • No employment verification
  • Leave income blank on 1003
  • No DTI calculations

First Time Investor Allowed

  • Must have owned a property for 12 months during the most recent 36-month period
  • Min FICO 640
  • MAX 75% LTV
  • No mortgage late payments
  • More than 36mos from any major credit event
  • No cash-out

Use The Lesser of 10067 Rents or Lease Agreement

  • Use of higher lease agreement allowed with 2 months proof of receipt
  • Unleashed properties accepted for purchase only, use 1007 rent estimate
  • 5% LTV reduction on refinance if appraisal reflects any vacant unit
  • Short term rentals (Air BNB/VRBO) income allowed with a 5% LTV reduction. Need 12-month history.


NMLS #557025


Equal Housing Lender

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